Captive No More Boot Camp

It’s Time To Work!

Captive No More is a 10 Week Boot Camp that guides you towards spiritual, emotional, and personal development. Captive No More aims to break the chains of your captivity by excercising your faith, renewing your mind, move you away from a mediocre way of living and helping you to focus on your purpose, wholeness and growth.

Captive No More Sessions:

Week 1-Introduction, Standing in The Boots of Your Life

Week 2-Changing The Way You Think

Week 3-Growth and Personal Development 

Week 4-Striving For Excellence

Week 5-Getting a Handle on Your Emotional Reactions

Week 6-Know Your Worth and Value

Week 7-Learning Gods Wisdom For Success

Week 8-How to Stop Self Sabotaging 

Week 9-Your Purpose, Vision and Goals

Week 10-The Reality of Wholeness