Sharing Life, Sharing Faith & Sharing Experiences


Welcome to Girls Gone Grace where women come together to try new foods, have fun, travel, shop and experience entertainment. Need a break?  

Tired of being alone with nothing to do? You have been graced to enjoy the abundant life. 

Meet us one weekend out of the month for a journey of excursions that will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and stress free.


Women Refined By Fire Conference is a gathering bringing women of faith together to be Refined and Reignited in the Lord. 

We all need times of refreshing whether we're dealing with daily stresses or just need a boost of encouragement. 

This authentic moment of inspiration rejuvenates your soul and spirit through life changing messages, worship and more.


No matter what area of ministry you are in whether you are an Apostle, Pastor, Evangelist, Prophet, or Teacher, 

SWIM provides an avenue that strengthens and empowers you to plow through the obstacles in your life and fulfill you mandate and call.

We also provide resources, tools  and  training to help cultivate you in leadership goals.