7 Ways to Recognize That You Are Being Held Captive

C-You are Confined to one way of thinking leaving little room for change.

A- You are Arrested by development not willing to learn and grow so that you can improve and expand your potential.

P- You are a Prisoner of mediocrity not willing to put in the work that will able you to push past average and soar with the spirit of excellence.

T-You are Taken captive by your fears, your emotions, your past and lack of confidence keeping you in a place called stuck.

I-You have been Influenced by your negative thoughts of not being good enough or even worthy of Gods promises.

V-You have been Violating Gods principles and precepts found in his word that will bring you good success in life.

E-You are Ensnared by the words of your mouth using them to self sabotage yourself, your relationships, and your productivity.